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 Can you deliver?
Yes, we can deliver anything from 1/4 of a cubic meter up to 20 cubic meters. Our small truck can fit up to 3.5 cubic meters of sand, gravel and rocks and up to 5 cubic meters of mulch as well as 2 tons of fire wood, we deliver weekdays and saturdays.  back to top

 Can you load utes/trailers?
Yes*, we have a front end loader that is capable of holding .5 of a cubic meter, we can also do special quantities on request eg. .05,.1,.15,.2,.25 and so on. *Most utes and 6x4 trailers hold approximately .5 of a cubic meter, we will only load to a safe and legal limit.  back to top

 Do you hire bobcats/excavators?
Absolutely, we have a 5 ton excavator and a bobcat with attachments, our machines are operated by skilled professionals. Call for a free quote or for more informations see our services page on this site.  back to top

 Do you hire trucks?
Yes, if you require a tipping body truck for any job we have small to large trucks available for hire. Our trucks also come with a skilled driver, and we offer competitive rates.  back to top

 Are you open public holidays?
Most public holidays, Yes. our yard is closed Christmas day, Boxing day, New years day and good friday. All other public holidays our hours are 9:00am through to 2:00pm  back to top

 Do you sell premix concrete?
Yes, we sell 2 different sand and aggregate mixes. All you have to do is add cement and water, how easy is that!  back to top

 What if I dont know what product I have and I need more?
The best thing is to do is to bring in a small sample of the product and one of our staff can ID it for you so we get the same product or closest to match.  back to top