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Mulch Brings Your Garden Back to Life!

Available in 40LT Bags Or By Cubic Metre.

Hammermill Pine Bark

Small grade Pine Bark with fines. Best for weed protection and water retention.

Red Dyed Mulch 

Recycled Pine/Hardwood dyed red. Long lasting colour. Excellent weed protection 

Red Gum Chips 

Hardwood chips. Long lasting colour. Takes longer to break down.

2'' Pine Bark 

Coarse grade Pine Bark. Good for general gardens, takes longer to break down. 

Saw Dust

1/2'' Pine Bark

Small grade Pine Bark. Excellent weed protection, water retention, can be used for playgrounds.

Pine Flake 

Pine shavings. Budget Mulch, can be used for calf beds.

Black Dyed Mulch 

Recycled Pine/Hardwood. Long lating colour, exellent weed protection.


Recycled Pine/Hardwood. For general gardens. 

Pine Chips